soft practice

workshops terrify me. i don’t want to learn anything – i feel too old to be able to let anything in because after a few decades of being alive i have been exposed too much to the dubious power-relations in rooms supposedly for education and learning, i have realised that a lot of what i have learned has been some training in obedience and subliminal correction. maybe i am just another neurotic londoner, woke just enough to make some stylistic statements of resistance and passive just enough to get jobs and get by in this world that establishes and feeds off of my ‘otherness’.

point being: techno-meditations on states of being and coping with being and bodies and other people and all that mad energy i.e. some dancing, to some music, with some words to encourage, to ignore, to suggest, to convince, to seduce, to say a daily prayer that is a manifesto that is a fuck you that is whatever it needs to be


what are you waiting for, the apocalypse?

Critique is so last year: consolidating positions, rendering opinion into currency and rhetorics into power. At the same time conviviality, ‘all inclusive’ and everything goes ain’t gonna change a thing.


And movement is inevitable, whether we like it or not. How do we deal with this?

This intensive offers some time and space to exorcise constipating pseudo-agreements, perform opinionated and judgemental analysis of performances, indulge in abstract movement practices and try not to fear the impact of collision.

29th and  30th July 2017, ImPulsTanz, Vienna