Sounds 4 Survival

Sound as Weapon, Sounds for Survival

a collaboration between Phoebe Collings-James and Last Yearz Interesting Negro

Life grows between the cracks of this current flesh

Last Yearz Interesting Negro + Phoebe Collings-James_Wysing Polyphonic_Photo Wilf Speller_September 2018.jpg

Charting psycho-emotional landscapes and mapping them on to the physical we work with our multi-dimensional bodies as the primary technology and source material for a collaborative live performance work that is embodied through a symbiotic relationship between dance, music and sculpture. The group form a chorus centred around a conceptual deconstruction of ‘percussion’ as it functions instrumentally and also as a radical proposition to the various ways you could think about the power of ‘striking an object’ and the impact of the sonic as resonating frequencies and vibrations. Our bodies navigate the sensory labour of their being ‘played’.

Borealis festival, Bergen (8.03.2019) with Yasmine Akim, Rebecca Bellantoni and Sophia Brown (Image by Johanne Karlsrud)

KammerKlang, Cafe Oto, London (5.03.2019) with Rebecca Bellantoni, Chloe Filani, Onyeka Igwe and Joy Labinjo (Image by Dimitri Djuric)

SonicActs, Paradiso, Amsterdam (22.02.2019) with Ama and Reannon Licorish

Wysing Polyphonic music festival (1.09.2018) Phoebe Collings-James and Jamila Johnson-Small with Yasmine Akim, Onyeka Igwe and Katarzyna Perlak (Image at top by Wilf Speller, collage Phoebe Collings-James)