Project O

this is a project between myself and Alexandrina Hemsley

this is our project website

project o are associate artists at dance research studio, current residents at somerset house studios and were recipients of the artsadmin bursary in 2014 (which i guess is a long time ago now)

we are currently working on project X

Project O Layered Transparent X v2.jpg

our latest show is voodoo. an eight hour ritual that deals with the non-linear nature of time and its affects on our bodies and thinking

Voodoo new image.jpg

we have published at book A Contemporary Struggle available online from Unbound or if you send us an email to we designed and edited the book that has articles, interviews and images from different artists and writers and friends relating to issues of identity and O

we made SWAGGA. this is a duet for Kay Hyatt and Dr Charlotte Cooper. there is something about ethics and a lot more about sharing experiences and talking about different experiences of oppression and undoing that word ‘privilege’. SWAGGA is supported by Arts Council England, Cambridge Junction, Dance Research Studio and The Yard Theatre

we made a dance duet entitled O with the support of Chisenhale Dance Space, Chelsea Theatre, Arts Council England, The Yard Theatre and workspacebrussels

BYBG (Be Your Black Girlfriend). she has made appearances at The Working Mons Club, Belgium, London Topophobia, DKUK Salon, Dance Umbrella, RichMix with Keith Patel and at home with your mum. she is a response to our experiences of being reduced to our brown-ness in romantic relationships or sexual encounters. it is about being rejected or dismissed or simply overlooked because afros aren’t sexy. it is about being this exotic black object that complements the image that someone else would like to project of themselves. it is about white supremacy and black shame and how awkward all this stuff is

there is also the performance lecture benz punany

and the new empowering school

this is our vimeo

this is our facebook page


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