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Hotline/chatline/inconversation connected/selected


Jamila Johnson-Small & Sara Sassanelli



5 May

Arcadia Missa, London

LINE UP: Rebecca Bellantoni // Onyeka Igwe // Katarzyna Perlak


HOTLINE #8 and #9 will be at Fierce Festival in Birmingham, October 20th and 21st

LINE UP: Phoebe Collings-James // Michele Rizzo // Malik Nashad Sharpe & Gnucci // Adam Kinner + Christopher // Lucy Suggate


HOTLINE aims to be a critical space that can facilitate and hold complex conversations that don’t look to agreement as a point of entry or conclusion. The events start from our own intrigue, attractions and research, there are no given themes or topics of conversation. For each event three people are invited to share provocations/presentations/thoughts. 

We are interested in why people do what they do, how the particular logics are formed that drive and direct decisions/actions/tastes and art-making. We want to look at the more invisible parts of people’s practices – with their specific interests and intrigues becoming catalysts for group conversations. We work with the understanding that everyone attending is involved in the creation of that space and how the conversation unfolds. 

We hope for those conversations to nurture a deeper need for connection, communication and generative live encounters that motivate and mobilise bold creative action.We both work within the arts and presenters are often but not exclusively artists; HOTLINE is not an artist talk or panel discussion. 

HOTLINE is a constantly shifting format for a public conversation, a space to share in the love the hate the ambivalence and the complexity of things, hosted by Jamila Johnson-Small and Sara Sassanelli. Each event happens at a different location that we can access at no cost.

We are interested in the growing demand for artists or creatives to be present in ways beyond the show/exhibition/text that create spaces and exacerbate systems of unequal exchange, where institutions or curators cash in on the cultural capital of artists but give little in return. We want to move beyond spaces that enable complicity between artists, audiences & curators that serve to perpetuate modes of consumption of artist/s as resource or infallible authority.


A time to get inside the heads of artists/performers/friends/unknowns.

A space for debate outside the institution and beyond your living room/Facebook feed.

A casual, critical space for debate and interaction, a space to spread the love the hate the ambivalence the complexity the conversation.

Feels kind of necessary.

Each HOTLINE session takes place in a different space – we’re interested in the ways that environment affects conversation and we’re running from formality and institutionalisation. We are interested in the growing demand for artists to be present, in ways beyond the show/exhibition/text. We ‘curate’ – if you can call it that – the events based on our own intrigue and attractions, and there are no given themes or topics of conversation. 

This is an unfunded event. All box office goes towards presenter fees



6 July

Health Mate cafe

LINE UP: Hannah Catherine Jones//Eve Stainton//Daniella Valz Gen

DJs: Yewande Adeniran//Gin//Rowdy Superstar


27 April

G16, Somerset House

LINE UP: Sita Balani//Jacob V Joyce//Louise O’Kelly



New River Studios

LINE UP: Chloe AyoDeji Filani// Mira Kautto//Victoria Sin

Tickets £5



The Nines

Unit 9A Copeland Park, 133 Copeland Rd, Peckham, London SE15 3SN

LINE UP: Nicola Baldwin, Aduke King and Florence Peake

£5. Click to book



Live Art Development Agency

The White Building, Unit 7, Queens Yard, White Post Lane, London E9 5EN

LINE UP: Monsur Ali, Kitty Fedorec and Emily Pope



Artsadmin Cafe/Bar

Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial St, London E1 6AB

LINE-UP: Travis Alabanza, Season Butler and Paul Maheke


19 APRIL 2016

Guest Projects


LINE UP: Liv Fontaine and Liv Wynter