I am bored of institutional contexts and even though they have let us/me in, they still get it wrong a lot of the time, and I am tired of explaining and want to get some control back. I am thinking a lot about scale too and bigger is not always better/older/wiser/more interesting/affecting but where do the small things go? The things that don’t want bigger rooms and higher audience numbers?

If you’re making live or video or audio work or like to speak about things, maybe share these concerns and would be interested in presenting at a limited capacity DIY event. 

This is unfunded and the capacity will be limited so box office will go back into the event and hopefully cover artist travel costs but there is no fee as such. Minimal tech requirements can be met (we have a few lights, smoke machine, PA, mics and stands, projector, piano, 2 x 50 inch flatscreen TVs and lots of cables) and there will be me and one other around to host and support.

If this context is appealing to you and you think you would like to share/show/present/do something or have any questions, message or email me lastyearzinterestingnegro at gmail.