choreography for other bodies

it took me ages to think of a name for what was going to be a dance company but didn’t end up being one in the end. i have worked as immigrants and animals from 2010. i still like the name.

as immigrants and animals i made dances with a changing group of female performers who i thought (and still think) were great and were my friends. i wanted to make dances outside of the bullshit conventions of contemporary dance that i had been getting accustomed with during my ba at dance school (london contemporary dance school). i wanted to make utopian dances that did not aspire to any utopian vision. dances that did not engage with the everyday oppressive conventions and reductive stereotypes of women and who or what we/they can be. i also wanted to make dances because i like organising things. this happened from 2010 until 2012 with a one off in 2013.

The Birthday Party (2013)

The Birthday Party

12339-3954971-IMG_4017 640x450.fitdown-1 12339-3954872-IMG_4162

Jamila Johnson-Small, Mira Kautto, Manou Koreman

Set design by Kasper Hansen

Commissioned by Clara Giraud and PanicLab

Last three images by Jemima Yong

Chisenhale Dance Space, May 2013

This was a performance made in response to the 100th anniversary of the Rite of Spring and the second time I worked with Kasper Hansen but the first time I actually had a budget for set and costume.

JACK (2012)

JACK (Jessamin Landamore)

Jessamin Landamore, Rachele Rapisardi, Elsa Petit, Else Tunemyr

Design by the artful Kasper Hansen

Video by the visionary Phoebe Collings-James

The Yard Theatre July 2012

I am thinking about doing this piece again, but better, sometime in the future. with money.

Terminal (2012)

Terminal (Image by Eleanor Sikorski)

Mira Kautto

Blaue Frau Pop-Up Art House, Helsinki, November 2014

House Games, Jyvaskyla, Finland, November 2014

Dance Umbrella 2013 as part of BELLYFLOP FRINGE

Commissioned for The Public House 2012 by Hiru Dance Organisation (of which I am part)

This is one of my favourite pieces. I think that I am best at choreographing solos on other people. See a trailer here. This remains in the immigrants and animals repertoire and has been performed more.

Walking Out (2011)


Hollie Miller, Stephanie McMann, Martha Passakopoulou

Guest Projects

A commission from visual artist Bernat Daviu.

In the morning, in the evening, in the afternoon (2011)


Alexandrina Hemsley, Jessamin Landamore, Lucy Starkey

The Public House 2011

This didn’t ever really feel finished. We made it at a time when I was obsessing about egg timers. I wonder if it should have been three solos instead of a trio. We rehearsed on a balcony in living rooms and at cafes.

Say You Do (2011)


Eleanor Sikorski, Flora Wellesley Wesley

Landing (2011)

Me jamila PH 059

Eleanor Sikorski

The Public House 2011, Tarn Outdoor Centre as part of Paradise Lost Retreat 2011

This solo is unrecorded but I think it was amazing. I wish i could see it again.

Death Dances, The Film (2011)


Mira Kautto, Jessamin Landamore, Stephanie McMann, Louise Mochia

Click to see the Death Dances film trailer. Password: deathdances.

Death Dances (2010)


Mira Kautto, Jessamin Landamore, Stephanie McMann, Louise Mochia/Daniela Romo Pozo

Ear Me Now, London 2011

Stockholm Fringe Fest 2010

Handling It (2010)


Mira Kautto

Chisenhale Art Club, Chisenhale Dance Space, London, October 2010

UudenPolvenMuseo, Jyvaskyla, Finland, August 2010

This solo marked the beginning of our collaboration and the development of my current choreographic practice.


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