series of works concerned with boundaries, intimacy and spectacle in performance:


(pronounced furies)


may 2018

sound shelley parker, junior xl

light design jackie shemesh

assistance rhoda boateng

text and performance jamila johnson-small

commissioned by block universe in partnership with gaia foundation.



with Rowdy SS

LYIN and Rowdy SS navigate space together through live simultaneous practices of live responsive sonic manipulation and dance. Collapsing time and working with the simultaneous presence of past-future-now; for you and for us in different ways at the same time.

RUPTURE curated by live wynter at the garden museum, artnight london (image holly webster)

23 june, fierce party, quantum, birmingham (image emwa jones)

Do Disturb, Palais de Tokyo, paris 6-8 april

Copy of T2AC5689-Edit

Bastard Assignments, london 5 march