i have been working on/for/with BELLYFLOP Magazine since 2009.

in my words BELLYFLOP is an online artist-led dance magazine that values accessibility, subjectivity, conversation and likes a good dance. it is run collectively by eight editors who are all practicing dance artists, we have long meetings to discuss most BELLYFLOP actions. we have curated small festivals with Lilian Baylis Sadler’s Wells and Dance Umbrella. we have held a symposium, Cue Positions.

BELLYFLOP attempts to dismantle hierarchies.  between artist and critic. between dancer and writer. between the eight editors. we are currently trying to actively address what it means for us to be becoming some kind of institution.

we all have different opinions on many things. i am sure that sometimes we all agree on somethings but i can’t remember the last time that this has happened. i don’t see this a being a bad thing.


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