BASICTENSION (in development 2017/18)



images by Christa Holka from performance at ICA, february 2018 (cast Kitty Fedorec, Stephanie McMann, Fernanda Munoz-Newsome, Alice Tatge and Jamila Johnson-Small)




Dances between control and abandon, a mediation on, and exit from, the cannon of ‘contemporary’ dance in an age of collapse, a search for refuge in a climate of total exposure.

Working with fragments of surround sound and commissioned music, shattered injunctions for movement gathered from disparate observers, and set within ruins and blackness, the work embodies deep pessimism about existence in the current order whilst also searching for a way through and out.

I started this project wanting to make meditation tapes to calm my rampant alienation and to slow my racing thoughts but what does calm look like when you embody countless contradictions, conflicts and traumas and language can’t stretch to hold you and it was never your language anyway and you look out at the city and it is like your beating heart, complicated, congested and broken. Some things need to break and I don’t want space or distance but to assume my hybrid form right here. I want to break this space open. I want to be broken open, like Leeloo in The Fifth Element.


There is a dress code (black).

BASIC TENSION is an installation space for a series of studies towards a solo stage work. These studies turn the questions driving my physical research outwards, to expose and disorientate, to tear at the edges of things and level some borders, to think about flow, to let some things in and to get some out, to access more ways of moving, thinking about moving, moving thinking and encountering dancing for performer and audience.


performed at the ICA 17 August 2017 with Stephanie McMann

music: Phoebe Collings-James, Josh Anio Grigg, Junior XL, Shelley Parker 

as an event at Live Art Bistro 1 July 2017 featuring performances by Hannah Buckley, Season Butler and Fernanda Munoz-Newsome

An installation made alongside the performance i ride in colour and soft focus, no longer anywhere, the research is a mining process into my body, memory and thought processes, tracing of the impact of the supposedly invisible legacies of racism, colonialism, misogyny, marginalisation, displacement, homophobia, blood memory, through histories, cultures and conventions of ‘black expression’ and through my body, treating it as archive and oracle.