Last Yearz Interesting Negro is the solo project of jamila johnson-small, they make dances and work to create spaces (on stage, in corners, on screens, in rooms, in bodies) with no single direction and no clear intentions, harbouring no desire to be useful other than to make gestures towards decentralised power and non-hierarchical structures for existing. their choreographic interest is in framing, how to frame a body to reveal or provoke certain questions and build an atmospheric response to that. on one level they are more concerned with dancing as a state that provokes or focuses the dancer, a practice of thinking. they think about the seduction of raving, trance, meditation, riding things…

born and based in london, they feel totally overstimulated most of the time, and wonder what can be done with what is t/here now. their practice looks to disengage with the ideas of improvement and betterment and progress that drive neoliberal capitalism, with cultural systems of value that direct and inform style and in which they find no interest or agreement. they are interested in surfaces, structures and the space/tension between things

looking to expose and discuss, the politics, perversities and movement of power within and around structures of production and the production of being, the information about histories and environments that bodies carry they see as content that has the potential for talking about the world and its fuckery, or building temporary ways of being otherwise, whilst dealing in fragmentation, genre-disobedience, hybrid forms and attempts to evade capture.

on going collaborations are Project O with Alexandrina Hemsley, immigrants and animals with Mira Kautto (currently defunct), work with Fernanda Munoz-Newsome, HOTLINE conversation event with Sara Sassanelli and GUSH a semi-regular low-key DIY art night event.

they are one of the holding space associate artists at the showroom, a project initiated by teresa cisneros looking at equity and decolonial processes.