May 2016

I have hidden the content of this website for a while. I suppose that could be unfortunate for my current funding application and it is not a very strategic move…but I have had some feelings about a description of myself as being someone “whose sharp blogs make for one of the most interesting commentaries in the independent dance scene”. I am not here to provide an interesting commentary for any body, I am making work and sharing parts of myself. It feels like yet another act of erasure to be reading this space as primarily being a resource. I am not here to explain this situation – my situation – to anyone else. I am not your resource.

It was once remarked on an assessment paper that my work was impeded by my passion. Then, this shook me. Now, I would explain that those things are one and the same.

I guess all the content will be back once I stop feeling so sensitive.

Love and dissent,

Last Yearz Interesting Negro,  May 2016