A year ago, Kasia shot this footage of me dancing in her flat so that I could make a film for the Live Art Development Agency launch of Are We There Yet? A Study Room Guide on Live Art and Feminism as a response to the invitation:

to give a ‘performative provocation’ – a five minute response to the idea of ‘looking forward – what might you say to an older version of yourself in relation to feminism and Live Art.

I made the film, but it wasn’t right. The footage sat on my computer for a year, and my dissatisfaction at the back of my mind.

I wrote a text for another event at the White Building in October in response to this:

We would love to invite you to speak on how you think (or may not think) the legacy of Fanon influences your own practice and thinking, and how it is relevant to performance practices being developed in the 21st century performance.

I wasn’t happy with the text that I wrote  for this either.

These invitations to speak/present something threw me (I think they probably always do) and met with thoughts and things I’d been having, about impacts of time, re-counting of time, handing down of histories, passing of time, the abstract way of time, this time, my time, our time.

I spent some time making something else out of these failures. I’ve called it ‘One Big Fist’. Here is a still. And here is some writing that makes up part of the soundtrack.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 13.50.12