Last Yearz Interesting Negro


in residence at Live Art Bistro working on new thing – BASIC TENSION

live event July 1st at LAB in Leeds with performances from Hannah Buckley, Season Butler and Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome

Saturday 1930 c u there


HOTLINE+ (#7) 1930 – 0200

hotline health mate


Health Mate

Tickets are by donation and bookable here


Contributors/Line Up

Daniella Valz Gen//Hannah Catherine Jones//Eve Stainton


Yewande Adeniran//Rowdy Superstar//Gin

HOTLINE aims to be a critical space that can facilitate and hold complex conversations that don’t look to agreement as a point of entry or conclusion. The events start from our own intrigue, attractions and research, there are no given themes or topics of conversation. For each event three people are invited to share provocations/presentations/thoughts. 

We are interested in why people do what they do, how the particular logics are formed that drive and direct decisions/actions/tastes and art-making. We want to look at the more invisible parts of people’s practices – with their specific interests and intrigues becoming catalysts for group conversations. We work with the understanding that everyone attending is involved in the creation of that space and how the conversation unfolds. 

We hope for those conversations to nurture a deeper need for connection, communication and generative live encounters that motivate and mobilise bold creative action.We both work within the arts and presenters are often but not exclusively artists; HOTLINE is not an artist talk or panel discussion. 

HOTLINE is a constantly shifting format for a public conversation, a space to share in the love the hate the ambivalence and the complexity of things, hosted by Jamila Johnson-Small and Sara Sassanelli. Each event happens at a different location that we can access at no cost.

HOTLINE+ is an evening of presentations, conversation, music and dancing. To make space for dancing as processing – collective and individual – to embrace the complexity of our ties and our distance, because there is pleasure in having a body that is defined by its boundaries, and because dancing is good and important. This will be the first extended HOTLINE featuring presentations from Hannah Catherine Jones, Eve Stainton and Daniella Valz Gen, conversation with You and DJ sets from Yewande Adeniran, Rowdy Superstar and Gin to take you into the nighttime. Tickets pay what you can before 10 and £5 afterwards. All monies go back to contributors. 

We are interested in the growing demand for artists or creatives to be present in ways beyond the show/exhibition/text that create spaces and exacerbate systems of unequal exchange, where institutions or curators cash in on the cultural capital of artists but give little in return. We want to move beyond spaces that enable complicity between artists, audiences & curators that serve to perpetuate modes of consumption of artist/s as resource or infallible authority.


Super happy  to be part of this project – Holding Space at the Showroom


Interview on the Fifth Sense about i ride in colour and soft focus, no longer anywhere, end of 2016



i ride in colour and soft focus, no longer anywhere (trailer) from lastyearzinterestingnegro on Vimeo.


fb page:


Last Yearz Interesting Negro makes dance performances, they think that dancing can be a radical social proposition, and are interested in it as something that everybody does in their own particular way – the criteria that make something a dance are totally specific in each case and for each person, like an uncapturable aesthetic/spiritual/physical/social/internal thing that is expressive but you couldn’t say of what exactly. the information about histories and environments that bodies carry she sees as content that has the potential for talking about the world and its fuckery, or building temporary ways of being otherwise.

their choreographic interest is in framing, how to frame a body to reveal or provoke certain questions and build an atmospheric response to that. they are more concerned with dancing as a state that provokes or focuses the dancer. they thinks about the seduction of raving, trance, meditation, riding things…

born and based in london, they feel totally overstimulated most of the time, and wonder what can be done with what is t/here now. their practice looks to disengage with the ideas of improvement and betterment and progress that drive neoliberal capitalism, with cultural systems of value that direct and inform style and in which they find no interest or agreement. they are interested in surfaces, structures and the space/tension between things

on going collaborations are Project O with Alexandrina Hemsley, immigrants and animals with Mira Kautto (currently defunct), Synchronous Practice with Lucy Suggate, work with Fernanda Munoz-Newsome, HOTLINE conversation event with Sara Sassanelli and GUSH a semi-regular low-key DIY art night event.

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